Let me introduce you to Nora Kramer, who has dedicated herself as an educator and activist to be a force for good in the world. In combining her obsession with activism and social change with her passion for working with youth she founded Youth Empowered Action (or YEA, pronounced ‘Yay’) Camp in 2009. YEA Camp for teen activists is a summer camp that has been running in the US for 10 years and she now even runs one for adults! The camps are all about encouraging people to find the cause that they are passionate about and create an action plan so they leave this incredible summer camp feeling ready to be activists in the world and to make a difference.


In this episode we talk about:

  • All about YEA camp and some of the processes and activities they go through during the week

  • How we can harness the creative energy of teens to be great activists in the world

  • Being a great role model for the young people around us and encouraging young people to care about issues in the world

  • What daily activism looks like and how we can all integrate it into our days

  • How the adult camp differs to the youth camp

  • Overcoming some of the obstacles to getting started with activism

  • How people can get involved in the camp as a participant, volunteer, facilitator, nurse, etc

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You can find Nora at yeacamp.org or on Facebook and Instagram.

Find the link to download The Beginners Guide to Changing the World by Nora Kramer here.

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