Youth Mentor Training goes global!


We’ve just started another round of Youth Mentor Training here at Shine From Within and it’s our most diverse group yet!  As it’s an online course for anyone wanting to work with teens, develop their own programs and support youth in their community, anyone can join us.  We have group phone calls that can be joined from anywhere in the world and stay connected through a private Facebook group.


Our current round of youth mentors and our alumni have joined us from:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Malaysia
  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Nigeria
  • China

What we’ve discovered is that teens struggle with similar issues no matter where in the world they live.  And preventative programs that support youth to develop confidence, self-worth, goal-setting, wellness, nutrition, fitness and yoga, mindfulness, presentation and other important life skills can have a huge impact in communities, reducing the need for crisis care.


It’s interesting to see what kind of backgrounds the youth mentors have and what lead them down this path – this round we have more school teachers and social workers joining us who love working with youth, but want more control over what they share with them, how they facilitate that and, ultimately, want more flexibility to deliver what they know would get to the core of many issues teens face today.  They find themselves wishing they had more time with the kids so they could hold a safe space for them to talk about their lives and feel heard.  They want to get out of the classroom and teach them life skills rather than spend all weekend marking assignments.  And they want to move away from dealing with crises and prevent issues from arising in the first place.

And then there are those who keep hearing a little voice in their heads saying they’d love to work with youth.  They’ve done so much personal work over the last few years and WISH they knew some of this stuff as a teen.

Together, these women are a melting pot of inspiration and support.  We’ve just finished Module 1 in this round and already there are wonderful connections forming, fantastic ideas brewing and so much kindness as they start to share WHY they want to do this work.  Lots of ‘aha!’ and ‘me too!!!’ moments being shared as well.

While this course is, at it’s very core, about supporting teens, I love seeing how this course can ignite a fire in a passionate woman who has finally found her calling.  Finding self-worth and personal strength in the development of self-worth programs….they say we teach what we most need to learn after all!

If you’re interested in working with youth yourself, want to run teen workshops, speak in schools, coach teens or anything else youth related, come on over and take our free quiz, ‘Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Youth Mentor?’ here.

We run the Youth Mentor Training twice a year so clicking on the above link and subscribing will give you access to the free quiz, a free training series that we’ll run again next year and you’ll be the first to know when we open up for enrolments again.

Here’s to supporting youth to shine, in our own beautiful way.


Amanda xx